off topic again…

I really like this article 🙂 I use to mix tapes myself 🙂 Just anime songs I really liked 🙂 One of the best edited tape I did was a botp tape compiling different eps based on the gatch movie 🙂 came out 45 minutes of the best editing I’ve done 🙂 Thanks to my sound design tape deck or was it my sanyo tape deck^^;; Anyhoo, I had lots of fun doing the tape 🙂

I’m still really popular at a certain site^^;; The way some people throw themselves at me is amazing 🙂 I certainly don’t know why I’m so popular. I’ve even met rich people 🙂 But really, money is really nice, but if I’m not attracted to that person, it isn’t going to work out. I feel sorry for them. They have lots of wealth that can easily buy anything but true love. I know the feeling of loneliness. OK, I have friends and family but still don’t have a special one to call my own. I already chosen my special one 🙂 But I have to wait sometime before I can contact the person. Which is a long wait. But I have to “gaman”(stick with it no matter what.) The saga continues…


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