I like the first two digimon series. The series can be found on Netflix. But the subtitles are very spotty and unprofessional. But I still watch it and enjoy the anime. Thanks.

The best anime Is mazinger infinity. Get the Japanese version. It may have subtitles.
Even if it doesn’t anyone can get it professional subtitles on the anime movie. Just go to google look for company which subtitles job. I won’t mention any specific company. Just get a quote. At five dollars a minute or more you can get a good subtitles job for your money. Please keep the copy for yourself. Thanks.


The military and high tech Japanese used in mazinger infinity is too much for me.
I can understand most of the Japanese is used. Understanding most of anime movie or series is really handy. I can understand ninety percent with my limited knowledge of the language. Not everyone will understand the nuances of the language. Because Japanese is a really tricky language you can’t learn everything. The most important thing is you learn the basic bits of the language. Please don’t haphazardly pick up Japanese from anime. It’s not a good idea. Thank you.

I like tetsujin 28 1980 version. The Japanese version is always my favorite. This goes for daigunder Japanese version. I tried watching gigantor in English. I found the original version more gutsy and more dramatic. Hooray.

I saw mazinger infinity today. It was awesome sauce. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes tranzor z and mazinger z. Only two lines were mistranslated. I’m not going to mention which two lines. The original actor who played great mazinger pilot lends his voice to his well known character. Also hiroya ishimaru does cameo role. He is senior voice actor so it’s really hard to recognize his voice right away.
Watching this film reminded me of certain American movie producer who likes lots of endless action scenes. So sit back and enjoy it with popcorn. Hooray.